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  • General

    The following “Terms and Conditions”, have been adopted by Minas and must be applied in all the Contract of Sale of Minas products between the consumers and the company Zinovia Margaritopoulou & Sia O.E., which has the exclusive right of commercial exploitation of the Minas products and the corporate headquarters are in 8 Emmanuel Benaki street in Kifissia, Athens. The company Zinovia Margaritopoulou & Sia O.E. operates based on Greek Law; and every legal issue that rises will follow the Greek Law. Whomever wants to contact the company can do so by telephone (210-6233577, 210-8144290), via e-mail ( and via the social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook) by the name “Minas designs”. The company has the exclusive right to modify the following Terms however and whenever seems appropriate while respecting consumers rights according to Law 2251/1994. The terms will apply when the consumer shows the willingness to make a contract with the company; more specifically from the minute the consumer makes the order either by telephone or via the company’s website. In order to complete the sale contract the consumer should accept the “Terms and conditions”.

  • Create an account

    Consumers who wish to buy products from the company’s website are obliged to create an account, in which they must submit their personal data (name, surname, address and e- mail) as well as the payment method. The process is compulsory in order to guarantee the payment method and the transparency of the person. Consumers’ personal data are private, they are only used for this reason and are completely protected.

  • Payment

    The prices of the products are shown in the website and tax is included. The shipping cost is not included in the original price. When consumers choose the product, they are obliged to cover the cost from the provided proposed methods. In case where the consumers makes
    the order by telephone and chooses to make a deposit, they are obliged to make the deposit within four calendar days.

  • Delivery

    The delivery time is 3-4 calendar days and under no circumstances do they exceed the 30 days which is the legal time limit.

  • Risk of damage

    The company has the risk of damage or loss until the consumer receives the product. During the delivery, the company is responsible for the product.

  • Guarantee

    The company owns its own workshop and guarantees the products excellence and their high quality. The company offers to polish and repair the jewelry at no additional cost.

  • Withdrawal right

    The consumer, after the purchase, has the right of withdrawal from the Contract of Sale within 14 calendar days, since the day she/he received the product without the need to explain the reasons of the withdrawal according to the article 3 ε Law 2251/1994. The consumer can make a simple statement or can fill in the form provided below (the form is available on the last page). When the consumer exercise the right of withdraw, she/he is obliged to return the product within 14 calendar days and the company is obliged to refund her/him in full within 14 calendar days from the day the company was notified. The consumer is charged with a return fee. The consumer does not have the right of withdraw after 14 calendar days from the day of the Contract of Sale.

  • Returns

    The company accepts returns within reasonable time, only if the company’s workshop confirms that the products have not been worn or used in any way and are genuine. When the consumer returns the product she/he can choose another product of the same or higher price while paying the difference. If the consumer does not wish to replace it at this time, then the company provides a credit sale which can be used in the future without a time limit in order to replace the product she/he bought. If the consumer wishes to return the product she/he is obliged to have the receipt or the gift card (if it was a present), as well as the characteristic Minas bag. The company does not refund unless someone exercise the withdrawal right within the legal time limit (paragraph 7).

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